So you have decided to look into hiring me after your attempts on trying to steal my voice like Ursula failed? Great! Well make sure you read all the info below so you can understand what I am trying to do.

What is your current rate?

Currently I charge $5 USD for every 100 words.

Can you voice act for me for free?

Most likely the answer is no. If there is a project that peeks my interest I may look into voicing it for free. But I am an old man who has bills to pay.

I got some cool adult project that needs some voices, could you v…?

Let me stop you right there! I will not voice in any project that involves adult materials or controversial materials.

When can I expect to get the audio?

You should get it in at least a week. However due to my current setup, I am unable to record anything during the weekends. And if I need more time I’ll send you a message.

How do I pay you?

For the time being, for voice acting stuff, I am doing that all through a site called Fiverr. Currently Fiverr accepts Paypal, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Bitcoin and Dwolla (whatever that is). I also accept tacos as a form of payment.